DS, BDS, & RC Pattern Toolheads




The above design of toolheads are for descaling condenser, evaporator and boiler tubes with thick scale deposits. 
DS/DDS/TDS toolheads are suitable for cleaning tubes from 32mm up to
150mm in process pipework, boiler tubes, and thicker scale in juice
heaters and vacuum pans.
RC toolheads are suitable for cleaning tubes from15mm to 50mm where
scale is very thick.
BDS toolheads are also for cleaning similar heavily scaled tubes from
50mm to150mm.
Flexible Extensions and U/Joint Borer
For brittle scale in bent tubes from 1" to 3" I/D
Knocker Tools
For very brittle scale in straight tubes from 1.5" to 2.5" I/D.
Spiral and Fish Tail Borers
For clearing semi blocked tubes from 1" to 6" I/D
(max speeds 960/1440rpm depending on size of tube)

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